“Before I started sessions with you, I felt like I was looking up at Mount Everest but you made me feel safe right away and little by little my Mount Everest seemed a lot smaller and surmountable.”


“The path on my journey used to look obscured by a tangle of branches, hidden from plain view. It’s like Kendra pushed across the branches and supportively showed me options for navigating this road while equipping me with tools to better handle obstacles along the way. She also reinforced that I was worth the time, that I can heal, that I am valuable and worthwhile and that self care is not selfish.”


“Your help during one of most challenging times in my life has been invaluable, I can’t thank you enough.”


“Kendra is naturally optimistic, down to earth and has incredible insight and a gift for putting things in to perspective with ease. Her use of art therapy and relaxation techniques is highly effective. Although, Kendra is quick to point out that I am the one that is doing the work whenever I thank her, I really don’t think that I would have come this far without her.”


“I’m starting to feel like myself again.”


“I’m very grateful for the help you’ve provided. You’re a patient and gentle counsellor, and during our sessions, I felt strongly supported and very safe.”